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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Monthly Maintenance fee $90?

The monthly maintenance fee has been set at $90. This amount is required, at the current time, to pay our expenses which are necessary in running Grandview.


Should more Unit Owners participate in resuming paying their maintenance fees the current maintenance fee can be reduced significantly.


For more information please go to Budget page.

Why Should I Pay My Maintenance Fee?

Payments of Maintenance Fees are required by law, as long as you own your condo, just as rent is payable monthly for apartments.


The right and privilege to own a condo is accompanied by an obligation to pay condo expenses through your share of maintenance fees.

Why did it take so long to get the website redesigned?

The current board was looking to have an informative, easy to use and concise website that was done professionally with our input. This has taken hours of our time.


We are proud to present you with a professional GVP Justice Web Site where you will be supplied with consistent and current information. We will also update the information monthly or as news occurs

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**To find out more about our expenses, we have created under Finances, the following Tabs: Checking Account, Budget and Other. 

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