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John O’Neill, Herb Smith, Dolores Licausi, Tony Licausi along with newly elected members Ivanna Johnson, Rose Storch and Janice Teisch

John R. Theadore, Esq – Associate Attorney for the Board of Managers

Judge Schick, signed the Order approving the referee, Mr. Mogel’s report on August 28th same was entered in the Country Clerk’s Office on September 16, 2014.

The GVP Election held on August 10 at Sullivan County Community College met all specifications of legality.

The following people were elected on this day:

Ivanna Johnson relected, John O’Neill relected, Dolores Licausi relected, Janice Teisch newly elected, Rose Storch newly elected, Herb Smith, and Anthony (Tony) Licausi are holdover board members

The following GVP Board meeting via teleconference was held on Tuesday, September 30, 2014 at 5 PM. First on the agenda was an Election of GVP Board of Officers as follows:


Ivanna Johnson, President/Treasurer

Janice Teisch, Vice President

Rose Storch, Secretary, Signatory

Dolores Licausi, Board Member, Signatory

John O’Neill, Board Member

Herb Smith, Board Member

Anthony (Tony) Licausi, Board Member

*Rose Storch and Dolores Licausi will be on a Treasury Committee helping with financial reports. There will be two signatures on each check and three people who have the approval to sign a check. Jeff Bank will be notified accordingly and signature cards will be signed.

It has been noted by Rose Storch who physically went to the Grandview Palace, that the the yellow warning ribbon was laying on the ground, the gate was wide open and the lock had been opened and now connected so it cannot be used. Key was missing. She met two Insurance Persons, who we later found out were from Reed Smith along with John McCully, GVP Plumber who would like to recovery his tools. New Lock is needed.

A fellow by the name of Billy Muncey, who operates a Hot Dog truck has been keeping an eye on the security of Grandview and is willing to assist. He is Certified in Security.

Dolores was notified and requested to be in touch with the local police, this has taken place.

Ivanna Johnson, as newly elected President addressed the Board about the gvpjustice website.

Consideration is being given to keep the same domain name but work on enhancing and simplifying the use of this website for all condo owners. Ivanna will be working with a Web Designer who will implement the setup for us. Tabs will consist of a Home Page, Announcements, Finances, Current Dues, Documents, News & Updates, Reed Smith, Question & Answer and Contact Tab, possible Archive Tab. Expenses and the cost of running GVP monthly would be included. A detailed budget will ensue to assist condo owners in understanding the cost of operating this site until everything is settled with the insurance companies.

This site would help us be more transparent and contain relevant information for all paying condo owners to be informed. The cost of upgrading our web site, gvpjustice will be a one- time fee of $500 and $9 a month. Domain Name has been renewed at a cost of $100. A vote was taken and unanimously approved.

After the website has been redesigned and improved a Letter will be sent out to all Grandview Palace Unit Owners.

Herb Smith – Wanted to know about serving Liens. John Theadore, Esq. stated that the Judge has a stay on all Liens and has stopped all foreclosure. Mr. Theadore explained, that one does not need a Formal Lien, because the Condo has an implied lien on the basis of their accounting because of the Condominium Act. They cannot sell their Property. Decide not to bill. Books & records go to a Trustees.

Accountability – Once it is in the hands of a Trustee there will be Interest Applied to those who are in arrears.

Meeting was adjourned at 6:35 PM and another Board Meeting was scheduled for

Tuesday, October 7, 2014 at 5 PM.

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