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Grandview Property is Listed

After much discussion and negotiations, the Grandview Board have signed a contract to put Grandview Property Up For Sale.

Grandview Property is listed with Myrna Ginsberg, well-known Realtor specializing in the Catskill Region and Sullivan County for over 30 years. She came highly recommended to us.

You can access this information via the Internet: 1. 2. In the address bar, type: 12754 (which is the Liberty Zip Code) 3. There will be several listings on this page and it could change daily. 4. Scroll down slowly until you get to GRANDVIEW (You will see the B Bldg and lots of snow since the photo was taken very recently). 5. All information about the property is written on this page. 6. The GVP Property is listed in Multiple Listings.

Sincerely, Ivanna Johnson, President GRANDVIEW

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