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Ivanna Johnson (President/Treasurer), Janice Teisch (Vice President), Rose Storch (Secretary/Signatory), Dolores Licausi (Board Member Signatory), John O’Neill (Board Member), Herb Smith (Board Member), Anthony (Tony) Licausi (Board Member)

Brian P. Rourke, Esq. - Attorney for the Board of Managers

John R. Theadore, Esq.- Associate Attorney for the Board of Managers

1. Call to Order by Ivanna Johnson – 5:04 PM

Update on GVP Justice Website: Better Information, Updating monthly,

Useful information, Informed Unit Owners – Share knowledge of what we are working on.

2. Herb Smith – Liens against Unit Owners in Arrears – Discussion will take place off line with Herb Smith, Ivanna Johnson, Brian Rourke, Esq. and John Theadore, Esq.

3. Thompson Carting Company Sanitation – Outstanding Bill of $2,400 goes back prior to Fire of April 14, 2012.

Previous Board’s Position – Funds are limited and we cannot pay now. Rose Storch agreed to collect documentation of bills, etc. and try to speak directly to this Thompson to see if we can reach a settlement. It is in our best interest not to ignore bills.

We need to see documentation, signed contract, and Proof of Loss.

4. Asbestos/Watering – Must comply with the Department of Labor – They are strict.

Winter is coming – Contacted by the Dept. of Labor Representative – Board discussed options that may be cost effective.

5. Coverage Litigation Update – Reed Smith is still working on Discovery regarding the case against Illinois Union and Great American Insurance Companies. They are interviewing more potential witnesses for use in depositions. We should know more about the status of the case by the middle of November, following the Court’s decision on whether or not the Actions brought by Western Heritage Insurance Company and National Surety Corporation are to be merged with the current matter.

6. Matarese Foreclosure Collection – Follow up with Judge – Statue put on hold due to Peter Parino. Sent was letter to Judge Schick. All Foreclosure and Liens – Any Unit owned by Grandview via Foreclosure will be shared equally among Unit Owners in Good Standing.

7. The Accountants have not recorded all Maintenance Fees collected since $9,125 is still in Mr. Steven Mogel’s Escrow Account. A written order will be sent by John Theadore stating that this money must be sent immediately to our accountants and check will be sent for his fee as a Court Appointed Referee.

8. Larceny at the GVP Site – Board suggested that we assign or negotiate with an individual to check out GVP. One who is honest and trustworthy and living close to this vicinity?

John McCully’s name surfaced. Perhaps an arrangement can be made against the tools he lost in the fire. A report would have to be made to the Board on a monthly basis.

Metal has also been taken off our Property. Numerous reports have been made to the Police. One report indicated that someone jumped the fence. Dave from High Ground estimated that $100,000 in cooper and electrical wiring has been taken and this amount was suppose to be applied towards his bill.

9. Building Project next to Grandview Site – John Theadore reported that there were 50 large homes built in the back of GVP property. This has been Approved by the Planning Board. They will have the use of the Inner Circle Road. In past years, the property owners have approached the GVP Board to be granted an easement on our Property. This was turned down.

Click here to see the related documents.

Meeting was adjourned at – 6:20 PM

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