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Newsletter for Grandview Palace Owners

T​he new Board was elected August 10,2014. We were not considered a legal board until Stephen Mogel, Esq and Judge Schick signed off on our legal status, which did not occur until entry on September 16, 2014. We immediately scheduled our first board meeting as of September 30, 2014.

From that date until present, the end of November, the Board has accomplished many tasks so we can go forward. We have reviewed legal and accounting procedures and documents. At the same time, have gone over duties performed and expenses incurred. We have cut many expenses in these areas and will continue to to do so as time moves on. Yes, the Board will be taking over some of these tasks, BUT in many cases we need the expertise of a CPA and a Law Firm, in order to meet legal requirements.

We have redesigned and enhanced the GVP Justice Website with the sole purpose of having the ability to inform you, the Unit Owner, with all aspects of legal and financial matters pertaining to conducting viable professional business. We have heard the Unit Owners loud and clear and we agreed to be transparent. This website is solely for you, the GVP Unit Owner, to become more informed, and therefore, more knowledgeable on the internal happenings of Grandview Palace.

This Board has already spent hours, days and weeks to find ways to operate more efficiently and thereby cutting back expenses where possible. Now we need the cooperation of you, the GVP Unit Owners, to be responsible and pay maintenance fees in a timely manner, that is required by law. Read "Responsibilities of the Board " sub-tab under "Current Board" tab.

Board of Managers

December 1, 2014

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