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Letter To All Grandview Palace of New York Condominiums Unit Owners

Annual Election

Election of August 10, 2014 was attended by interested, concerned and respectful GVP Unit Owners who had an opportunity to ask pertinent questions. This election was well monitored by Referee Steven Mogel, Esq. as assigned to us by Judge Stephen Schick. This election was also monitored by Brian P. Rourke and John R. Theadore from Law Offices of Brian P. Rourke, P.C.

The election results were as follows: Ivanna Johnson, President/Treasurer; Janice Teisch, Vice President; Rose Storch, Secretary/Signatory; Dolores Licausi, Board Member/Signatory; John J. O'Neill, Board Member; Herb Smith, Board Member; Anthony (Tony) Licausi, Board Member.

We did not become a Legal Board until the Report from Referee Steven Mogel, Esq. was presented to and approved by Judge S. Schick. Therefore, our first Board Meeting took place on September 30, 2014 and the above elected board members were voted into their positions. Monies collected into an escrow account were deposited into GVP account after an official sign off by Judge S. Schick was received.

The newly elected members of the Board have expertise in business, finance, contracts, reporting and real estate, along with good communication and interpersonal skills. We were happy to join this Board and will all work together for common goals and the benefit of all Unit Owners.


The Mission of the Board is to provide all Unit Owners with most up-to-date accurate information as we obtain it. In the past several months we accomplished the following:

1. GVP website was redesigned to make it user-friendly This website will now contain the latest information for all Unit Owners.

2. GVP now has a separate e-mail address to help you correspond with the Board or you can obtain this link through the website. We are only too happy to answer your questions!

3. GVP Updater - Facebook Page has been set up to give you all latest quick news. Go to your Facebook and in the Search Bar, type GVP Updater (Icon is the White Main Bldg Under Pages).

4. Grandview Palace Phone Number is set up 561-270-7762. Monday thru Friday from 9AM to 7PM. If you an answering machine please leave your Full Name, Unit Number, Phone Number and Reason for your Call along with good time to call you back.

If you have not done so recently, please provide us with your e-mail address. It is no longer cost effective to send out mass mailings. Once we receive your e-mail address, more frequent informative e-mails will go out to Unit Owners.


We reviewed all contracts, such as Legal, Accounting and other Vendors. Services were reduced in some areas as necessary. By doing this we cut back on some expenses. With that change, the present board is using their expertise and works numerous hours on your behalf.

1. Currently we carry General Liability and Directors and Officers insurance. Payment plan has been set up as we reviewed our insurance policies. Monthly cost is $3,096.48.

2. Most importantly, we contracted with the Sullivan County Treasurer's Office to make monthly payments on taxes for the 21 Units owned by Grandview.

Monthly cost is $1,170.70. *We were waiting for the County to Sign this Contract, before notifying Unit Owners. This arrangement will be beneficial to all paid-up Unit Owners when the Coverage Case is settled.

3. Signed up for Free Conference Calling with an online provider. there will be no cost for telephone conferences going forward.


We are happy to announce that since our election on August 10, 2014 more GVP Unit Owners have shown their support and are paying their Maintenance Fees. We look forward to more Unit Owners coming on board, and as a result ULTIMATLEY WE WILL BE ABLE TO REDUCE OUR MAINTENANCE FEES and still pay our expenses.

It has always been unacceptable that a number of Unit Owners have chosen to avoid paying their Maintenance Fees. *In any other condo dwelling or apartment, any owner who does not pay their obligations for a short period of time, most surely would have been sued and evicted.

We now plan to vigorously pursue these delinquencies knowing full well that our Maintenance Fee would be significantly reduced is each Unit Owner paid his/her share.

*It is unfair for a minority of Unit Owners to carry this entire burden.

We will allow you up to April 1, 2015 to contact us via website or call Grandview at 561-270-7762 and work out Payment Plan. We understand that this obligation is difficult for many of us. After April 1, 2015, a maximum allowable by law interest charge effective retroactively to the date of the last payment will be added. We would rather not have to impose these extra charges; it is up to you.....


Very truly yours,

Ivanna Johnson, President


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